Today Was The Surprise of a Lifetime

As many of you know I have been in a long distance relationship for about 8 years with the same man. Recently we closed the distance of 3,797 miles when I came to live with him and his family the 17th of November. Since then we had toured around the Lima and Callao area with his family and they took me out to different places. I absolutely love it here.

About a week after I got down here we went to this market and he had to talk to this jeweler while I walked around some more with his mom. I wasn’t sure then what he was up to, but I had a suspicion. He acted all nervous for days afterwards. I didn’t ask about it. I was sure he would tell me in his own time. All I told him was that what ever he was up to, jewelry related of course, if it is from him and he likes it I am sure it will be beautiful. Price doesn’t matter because it came from the heart. To me that makes what ever it was priceless and very precious. We didn’t talk much about it after that.

That afternoon we were texting and he told me he had a surprise for me that was metallic and had me guess.  I didn’t know what to expect. A few days before they surprised me with such beautiful paints to do rocks with. All he would tell me was I would love it.

That night his mom came home and was picking out pretty clothes for me to wear and did my hair all nice to go out. She just told me we were leaving with Carlos once he gets home. The metallic clue was actually silver paint. It was so pretty and I was so excited. Even better he found me some pokey tools to do crafting with. I used to use mine to paint really fine lines. He also found a real fine tipped Sharpie. Imagine how excited that made me, craft things I had been missing…oh joy!

We ended up going to the beach to pick out some rocks for me to paint since I love to do that.  I had so much fun just looking over the whole beach full of all these perfect rocks. He gave me a limit of five rocks and I found a really neat small one…so six rocks it was. They all fit in the purse his mom got me before I came down here. He carried it for me of course, being the gentleman he is. (It is just black and plain, I had to leave my sparkly one in Iowa as it would draw too much attention here.) He was teasing me the whole time with “What do you carry in this bag? Rocks?” of course I replied “Yup, how did you know!”

We went to this beautiful restaurant not far from the beach called The Deli Bakery. They opened this part in the back that was like a garden oasis. The cool night air felt so amazing and we were the only ones in there other than a few workers making drinks. There was even a lit waterfall. It was just too perfect. We were talking about stuff and his mom was excited that they were playing Barry White on the radio. I couldn’t tell what song it was because the guy was having a bit too fun with the blender. I was watching Carlos telling his mom something and he looked at me. He took my hand and said that he had not seen the ring yet because his Mom picked it up for him, and I already knew what he was up to. He opened the little box and there was this beautiful glint of blue.

He didn’t get down on his knee, I wanted him to but he worked all day so I didn’t expect him to. I could tell he was still really nervous though. Maybe it is our close connection to each other I could just feel it too. I looked up at him and took his hand and told him that I have known for so so long I wanted to live my life with him, and the fact that now we have the opportunity to live our lives together makes it all better. I want to experience all of it, the good and the bad. Growing old together and doing everything together. Now ‘us’ begins to become ‘we’.

He kissed me and put the ring on my finger. It was a bit big so I had him put it on my middle finger so it would be secure. It was so beautiful. He told me it was a sapphire and the jeweler was so talented that he made that from only a picture they gave him. It was perfect in so many ways. Just looking at it in the light the sapphire changed colors and the blue moved shades inside it. I never seen anything like it. It was too good to be true, like a dream almost. I really could not stop staring at it.

I had to call my parents and give them the good news, I don’t think it surprised them as much as it did me. But I knew one day Carlos would be brave enough to pop the question. That day came sooner than I imagined but it just showed that over the time we were apart all those years we fell in love with each other’s personalities. He has seen me at my best, and certainly at my worst. Yet he has been there with me in spirit through it all. Now our situation has changed and I realize he knows me better than anyone. He can pick things out for me on a menu when I can’t make up my mind since it is in Spanish and he gets it correct. Sometimes we can even finish one another’s sentences. Little things like that are built over years and years. Yet even after all this time I still get lost in those big beautiful brown eyes of his.

So now we begin planning for the future, our future, we both fought so hard for. I am just so overjoyed at this point.  Is it really this possible to be this happy?

Our goal was to have the civil marriage done on the 12th of December. We both think it’s a bit too soon because paperwork takes forever. But whenever it is I know I will be happy knowing I am one more step closer to spending my life with him.

The church marriage ceremony is a huge thing down here. I always dreamed of getting married in Disney World since I was a child and wearing a big beautiful flowing gown. Honestly, now that I get to that point in my life I want it to be small. Sadly I know loved ones and family probably aren’t going to be able to make the long trip here. It does bother me, but this was part of the choice I made to live on the other side of the world. I am still hoping they can come visit sometime to see how great it is down here, and I know I will eventually find my way back up there too.

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