A New Year Brings with it Many Things…New Goals, New Opportunities, New Discoveries

A new year brings with it new goals and new opportunities to grow. Goodbye 2018, hello 2019!

This year I wanted to make my resolutions and goals simple yet long lasting.

~ Staying positive and remembering there are always better days ahead.

I seen on the internet that people posted about making a positivity jar. You write a positive thing a week on a piece of colorful paper and put it in a jar. At the end of 2019, you open it and relive the amazing year you had to start 2020 on a good note. I liked the idea, except there are only 52 weeks in a year and I wanted to give myself a real challenge. So I am going to write something positive that happens to me everyday leaving 365 notes to go through. How exciting is that?

~ I am still going to work on getting my health better and working on losing weight.

The heat here makes asthma hard to deal with right now and I am used to this time of the year being snowy and too cold to breathe. There is no air conditioning in most places so they are used to this heat, whereas I am not. I have to take my nebulizer on a regular basis but anything is better than going to the hospital for asthma. I am still planning to go through that program they have here to help those with asthma, depression, and anxiety cope and they have a high rate of people getting off thier meds or greatly reducing them. To me that was one of the main reasons I found myself coming to Peru. Luckily my fiance and his family are here as well. So I am hoping once summer here wears off and it gets cooler my asthma will also improve.

~ Another goal I want to set for myself is to be happy.

So many big things in my life as of late have been so happy. I finally came here to Peru and live my life with my fiance. We are looking forward to planning a wedding and getting married in the next month(s) and after that who knows? Perhaps in a few months or a year afterwards eventually tackle parenthood? For now though, I am just happy to keep his parents company and help them out all that I can.

~ I want to do something (or a few things) everyday that is productive.

Would that be an art project or something small like cleaning off the table and doing dishes after we eat, it matters not. Just something that at the end of the day I can say that I accomplished something. With my asthma I am very limited to what I can do so little victories and doing many small things are essential.

~ I want to give a home to a dog in need.

This one I have to save for later in the year to accomplish but I want to adopt another Dachshund like Bubba. Or even one of those adorable Incan Orchid dogs that are from here. They are hairless except for thier tails and the top of their heads. Also they are hypoallergenic so allergies and my asthma shouldn’t be a problem around them. Carlos (my fiancé) still has to take me to the place about an hour and a half from here that breeds them. They have different sizes of the breed and the smaller the better. I am used to small dogs that are easily picked up and carried around. I am such a dog person I get myself in trouble by giving attention to the strays around the area. I see a dog and I just can’t help myself. I have always had them as companions alongside me and seeing them meander around homeless is a sight I am not used to.

~ I want to start a rock painting group here in Lima and Peru on Facebook.

I had so much fun in Iowa with my Mom painting rocks and having her hide them as we ran errands. Later people posted where they found them and took pictures with their children or families. I am thinking though, with such a focus on family here in Peru it would be perfect to start. So much joy is spread by such a simple gesture I would like to pass that onto everyone here. We have entire beaches filled with the perfect rocks for painting, all sorts of shapes and sizes. I have painted a few rocks since I been here and a few bottles to be given as Christmas gifts but I need to get back to it.

 I still need help with naming the group, so if you have any suggestions leave me a comment! So many good suggestions have come up so far, but the more the better! Be creative! I plan to have the #QCROCKS people I painted rocks for up in the Quad Cities area vote on it on later on Facebook.

~ Most of all, I plan to catch up on this blog and continue writing future entries.

All I can really say is that so many things have happened so fast. I find myself so wrapped up in the moment just living for once. Life for me has changed so much in such a small amount of time and I am finally just loving it for once.

My hope for you all is that 2019 brings with it happiness, health and many good memories with your loved ones. Let’s all make this year the best yet!

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