Wedding Gift List and Information

We just want to say thank you so much in advance for any and all help with our religious wedding. It has meant so much to us to even have the opportunity to begin our lives together, and to have you all be a part of it makes it even more special. So, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Many of you have wondered about gift lists or where to send money so we figured this would be the easiest way to get you all that information

We initially registered at a department store down here called Ripley.

Our wedding code is 2816749-0

(and yes, it appears as Barrenechea – Reimers Allen since they use two last names here)

At the moment we know it works in the store, but we are unsure about online. It won’t even let us find and download the list so I can just post it here for you below. Their list has over half of things we did not even choose so we fixed it ourselves.

I put the things we need the most in blue. We live with my Mother-in-Law and she has graciously allowed us to use her kitchen items and other things. The stove and oven Pieces are because I would love to be able to cook again on a stove like my Mother had up in Iowa with the flat surface and no fire. A pressure cooker is the closest thing we have to a Crock Pot here (which I miss so much).

Also, the list is in two different currencies as Peru uses soles, and of course, we in America use dollars. For every $1 of ours it is worth about 3.30 soles down here. Honestly, that has been something really funny to get used to.

We get rewards of some sort depending on how much people spend under that number. I am unsure of all it is but we could get anything from a gift card to a honeymoon getaway (or both?)

You can look at the list at

Click here ^ to see it in readable size

For those of you who would just rather just send us money (which is also greatly appreciated) I have an active account in Iowa still at Quad City Bank and Trust.

The routing number is : 073902232

The account number is : 1189810

With that information you should be able to transfer it easily as my card to the account works down here. My parents said that you can also make a check out to them and they can transfer it over to my account as well. Whichever is easiest for you.

Carlos’s Bank accounts are as follows:

BCP SOLES : 191-31142138-0-04
CCI: 00219113114213800459

BCP DOLARES: 192-92658091-1-28
CCI: 00219219265809112832

Thank you again for everything. If you need anymore information or have any questions at all, feel free to message me or Carlos on Facebook.

Kendra and Carlos

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