Meet Our Little Cuddlebugs

This is our dachshund named Bubba. The business is named after him. I spent most of my time in the beginning making cards on our living room floor. Bubba would crawl into a blanket and drag it beside me and cuddle with me as I worked. Of course he got the occasional pat on the head and ear scratches in between projects. It became a regular thing everyday we did for hours on end.

When my mother asked me of what we should name our business, it only seemed natural to pay homage to the dog that started giving me the bravery to keep going and live my dream. Nowadays, he enjoys relaxing naps and short walks to the refrigerator.


This is our other cuddlebug Miss Sophie. She is a very active pup who loves people and serves as a model for my projects. Here she is taking a nap after a long day of photoshoots. She enjoys long puppy rides to the park and lots of love and tummy rubs.